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Project 333: week 3

Not even three weeks in, I’m already repeating an outfit. I figured that would happen at some point. Anyway, here’s my week 3 check-in:

Outfits Week 3a

That fur collar came in very handy in the cold weather. I loved it with the gray cardigan so I thought I’d try it with green one. Different scarf though – the first one is 11×60″, the second one is a 30″ square. Both are custom hand-painted by Tanya at Silk Scarves Colorado. (No affiliation, just a happy customer.) She does a wonderful job of either recreating one of her designs in your chosen color palette, or creating a design just for you based on your description of what you want.

Outfits Week 3b

Here comes the repeat – jeans and gray turtleneck. I can wear other sweaters with the jeans but this turtleneck has a nice comfy cotton feel so the pairing is almost automatic. And for our knit group meeting, wool pants and cashmere sweater seemed appropriate. There is something about those lime green scarves that makes me want to wear one every day.

Project 333: week 2

Wow, a week’s gone by and even though I’ve been composing blog posts in my head every day, somehow I managed to post nothing at all. But I have been taking pictures of my outfits to share with you so this is a quick check-in at the end of week 2:

Outfits Week 2a

In the picture above, I used the brooch to turn the gray turtleneck into more of a high shawl collar. It was a very comfortable outfit on what was an incredibly frustrating morning (I got to see ineptitude taken to a whole new level).

Outfits Week 2b

Simple outfits, all of them. Somewhat less colorful than last week – I see three mostly black/gray combinations. Funny, I could have sworn my outfits were more colorful than this. So much for eye witness, eh?

Project 333: week 1

One week in, I have six outfits to show you. It’s been a bit busy for me, in that I actually got out of the house every day except Sunday. Four days is more usual. Anyway, here’s what I wore:

Outfits Week 1a

Outfits Week 1b

Outfits Week 1c

It looks like the short boots are getting a workout and I’ve been wearing my default diamond studs the last few days. Maybe I need to put the other earrings where I can see them easily while getting dressed.

This is an unusually short post for me, but there really isn’t a whole lot to say. At least not yet. Maybe in a few more weeks. I hope.

Project 333 and SWAP

You know how sometimes the universe is telling you something? Your friend makes a comment, you read something on a forum or a blog, the library has some interesting new titles… and when you look at all of it together, there’s a message for you. (No? OK, just me then.)

Whenever we move, it always takes me close to a year to develop a good understanding of how I need to dress for the new climate/lifestyle/work status. I’m getting close to that point now. I’ve been planning my SWAP, then Mary made a comment on SG about needing a strategy, and then I came across several articles about wardrobe simplification with links to Project 333. Hmmm… yes, hello! Strategy! I totally need this! I read and took notes, and then I went through my wardrobe. Take a look:

I started with a core of eight dressy items – a four piece suit and four fine-gauge sweaters.

Plan - part 1

Then I added jeans, a black leather skirt, and four casual tops.

Plan - part 2

Then came color – lime green and red. Both of these are straight from the Bright Winter palette. Even though I don’t wear red very often, there are days when nothing but red will do. And of course, I love the lime green.

Plan - part 3

Just a few more sweaters. You may have noticed that I don’t have any T-shirts in here. That’s because I consider them undergarments. As in, I wouldn’t wear them without another layer and a scarf (so they don’t show).

Plan - part 4

And it’s done. 22 pieces in all. Manageable.

Plan - part 5

Now I’ll add the coats, scarves, footwear, and accessories. Without scarves and jewelry, my total comes to 30. Once we count the scarves and jewelry, the total will be over 33 items, which is okay because the number is arbitrary anyway. The point is to have a small, cohesive wardrobe. I’m good with extra accessories.

Plan - part 6

I just realized that I forgot to add the gloves and hat – very much a necessity here in the winter. I’ll be wearing them even though they’re not in the picture.

I have all of these pieces already. (Some of the pictures are of the exact item, others are a close approximation.) I am going to wear them from now until the end of February. I think the original Project 333 starts the new season on January 1 but that doesn’t seem long enough so I’ll extend it a bit. And if it works well, then maybe all the way to the end of March to coincide with the start of the next P333 season.

I plan to post my outfits once a week to get a good idea of what I wear the most, which combinations work the best, and where I need to make changes for next time. That way I can modify my SWAP plan to get the best working wardrobe possible. Remember my SWAP board?

SWAP 2014 visual

The suit and coat will be the first five pieces in my SWAP. The suit in my P333 board is a placeholder for the new one. All four pieces will be replaced because 1) I want all four to be from the same fabric, and 2) I’m looking to switch from black to dark charcoal gray.

For coats, I have a very warm winter coat and a very thin trench coat but I need to make one for those in-between temperatures. Then I’ll be able to keep just two coats each season – the new one and the warm one in the winter, and then the new one and the thin trench coat in the spring.

After the suit and the coat are finished, I can focus on adding some lighter sweaters in gray, white, and lime green for the spring. And of course, some things may change as I learn more about my needs and preferences. I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon!