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Me-Made-May, week 4 and wrap-up

Just a wee bit late but here we go. Week 4:

May 22

Monday: red denim skirt and sparkly silver rayon top, plus me-made red bracelets.

May 23

Tuesday: white denim skirt, red rayon top, and me-made bracelets, earrings, and necklace.

On Wednesday, I drove out early in the morning to see my husband who had been gone the previous four weeks. I have an ugly hotel mirror shot which I won’t post but I was wearing the black denim skirt and the black/gray/red rayon print top. The next day, I had planned to go back to taking pictures but after the second day of driving, all I wanted was to be with my husband. Pictures were just not a priority. We spent a glorious long weekend at the beach and then he had to go back to his school and I had to drive two days to get home. And then it was June.

Lessons learned:

  • I like the clothes I made and enjoy wearing them. They make me feel like me. This is a great thing.
  • I have a nice core wardrobe of summer casual clothes. It’s been close to a decade since I had that.
  • I like wearing jewelry I made. It doesn’t matter if no one knows I made it. I know and it’s a fabulous feeling.
  • I need a routine. I’ve always known I liked a routine but it finally dawned on me last week that I really need it to function best. It’s almost amazing just how much goes right out the window when I’m in transition, whether it’s moving from one country to another or simply traveling. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I suppose.
  • Daily pictures are good but they are not necessary. I wore my SWAP wardrobe for the whole month of May and have continued to wear it now in June. Nice comfortable clothes will get worn, pictures or no pictures.

Participating in Me-Made-May was fun. Thank you, Zoe, for organizing it. I am hoping to figure out a similar cool-weather wardrobe soon so that I am ready when fall comes.

See you soon!

Me-Made-May, week 2 roundup

Second week in and I’ve already started repeating outfits. More on this later.

May 8

On Sunday, I wore the multicolored top that started my obsession with Burda 6695. I paired it with the off-black denim skirt. I have a hard time telling the difference between it and the black denim in pictures but in real life, the colors are quite different.

May 9

On Monday I wore my new red top with the black denim skirt. The top is the first piece in my Summer 6-PAC.  I accessorized with me-made bracelets and necklace (polymer clay, of course).

May 10

I had been busy sewing on Monday so that I had a new outfit to wear on Tuesday. This is the heathered red top and white denim skirt, both part of my Summer 6-PAC. Me-made bracelets again. I just love them.

May 11

Back to old (ha!) clothes on Wednesday – red denim skirt and black/white newsprint rayon jersey top. Same bracelets, three days in a row. I’d never know this if it weren’t for the pictures.

May 12

On Thursday, there was still red but less prominent. Off-black denim skirt and a mostly gray/black print top, and those bracelets. Seriously, I do have other bracelets.

May 13

Winding down the color for the weekend, hehe. On Friday I opted for the black denim skirt and silver metallic (sparkly!) top. As it turns out, I had paired the same pieces together just six days earlier. Maybe that says something about me.

And no picture for Saturday because I spent the day playing with polymer clay and I was totally in the zone. When I finally looked up, it was dark. But I did take note of what I wore: black denim skirt, red/black ITY poly top, black wool jersey cardigan, and the red me-made bracelets. It was a cool day and sometime in the afternoon I swapped the skirt for a pair of RTW black pants to keep me warm.

I’m happy to have clothes that I enjoy wearing. And even happier that they are made by me. I am starting to feel like it’s a lot of clothes though. I can’t quite explain it. I mean, it’s a SWAP plus two older and three brand-new pieces, so 16 pieces total. I enjoy having a variety of colors in tops. I’m not so sure about the skirts. I always reach for the black one first. It takes a conscious effort to pick the red or off-black one. So maybe I need three black skirts instead of black, off-black, and red. But I’m already wearing a uniform of sorts so do I want to eliminate the color element from the bottom half? I’ll have to think about it.

It would make getting dressed easier. Also, I was thinking that for winter, I could have a few black dresses and wear them with bright-colored cardigans or Viajante. Something to chew on.

In other news: I’ve been playing and claying and I will show you some polymer clay pieces next.

See you soon!

Me-Made-May, week 1 roundup

First seven days down and I’ve been wearing me-mades every day. And here’s photographic evidence:

May 1

The week started off cool, with temps in the 60’s. On Sunday I wore the black denim skirt from my recent SWAP, a red long-sleeved top (M6355) in Sophia double knit, an altered RTW scarf , and a me-made bracelet and earrings set.

May 2

Still cool on Monday so I swapped the colors. Red denim skirt from the SWAP, gray mystery knit top with long sleeves (M6355), same altered RTW scarf as the day before (this scarf has been getting a lot of wear in the last six months or so), and the same bracelet and earring set again.

May 3

On Tuesday it was warmer, but still cool enough that a cardigan was welcome. I wore the black denim skirt with the multicolor rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) and black wool jersey cardigan. All three pieces from the SWAP.

May 4

On Wednesday it was plenty warm and I wore the off-black denim skirt from the SWAP with an old RTW asymmetrical top. It was this top that inspired me to look for a pattern with cut-on cap sleeves when I was sewing the spring 6-PAC.

May 5

On Thursday, back to red. Red denim skirt and red/black ITY poly jersey top (Burda 6695) from the SWAP.

May 6

On Friday I was testing a new me-made bracelet and it doesn’t go with the reds. So I wore the black denim skirt and the silver metallic rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) from the SWAP. The bracelet turned out to be a step in the right direction in terms of sizing so there will be more bracelets soon.

May 7

For Saturday’s running around, the red denim skirt paired nicely with the dark gray rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) and a me-made bracelet with earrings.

Most of these clothes were from my recent SWAP, mostly because that’s pretty much all that’s wearable in my closet right now. I’m working on sewing up more pieces. I made a rich red rayon jersey top today and I’ll be wearing it soon. I also have a piece of white denim for a skirt that I plan to make tomorrow so there should be a bit more variety coming up.

In other news, I’ve been feeling an overwhelming urge to knit another Viajante. But I had a slight mishap with the business end of a clay blade a couple of days ago so one of my main knitting fingers is currently, er… on light duty, shall we say.

See you soon!