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Yes, red! And finished!

So I was all ready to cut the black wool suiting for a dress. Only I didn’t. Again. I don’t know what the problem is. I had a theory that I was lazy except I am not because I spent hours drafting a whole new dress pattern, combining three different existing drafts. Then I thought maybe it’s because it’s a woven and I got so used to sewing knits. Except that’s not the problem either because I made two pairs of flannel lounge pants just a few weeks ago. And then I thought, maybe it’s the color. I need red. Maybe I could sew something red. And so I did. A red denim dress. That turned out to be a wadder. I’m counting the 1.25yds though. And the dress is not in the trash can because I’m hoping to salvage at least some of the fabric. Maybe for a skirt or something.

Red PJs and lounge pants

But what started out as a meh week ended on a very productive note. Because since the machines were already threaded with red, I thought I’d continue the red theme. My favorite pair of PJs needed to be replaced and I had just enough red Kona cotton in the fabric collection to make a new pair. And I could also use a new pair of warm lounge pants so I bought this fabulous waffle-weave flannel at Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas when my sister and I stopped there on Thursday. It is absolutely wonderful – thick, warm, and soft. Here’s a closeup:

Red flannel closeup

The two pairs of pants together used up 6yds of fabric. (I think this is the secret to winning a stash busting contest – use narrow fabric. The narrower, the better. Because only the linear yards count. Hmmm… how narrow can a fabric go before it’s a ribbon? Hehe) The pants pattern is my TNT, originally for pleated trousers in an old Burda magazine. Obviously, it went through a few iterations to get to the PJs stage.

Speaking of TNTs, I used another one – Jalie Dolman Top to make the next item. I like plain necklines on my winter tops because scarves are my signature accessory. But summer temperatures rarely allow for scarves and then plain necklines look, well… plain. So I figured I’d try this roll collar style – there’s something vaguely 60’s about it and that usually works well for me. It’s just a rectangle the length of the neckline by 8″ plus seam allowances. Easy-peasy. The fabric is a cotton interlock from Nancy’s Notions. I had ordered a yard last year to try it and now that I finally got around to sewing it, I think I’ll order more. It’s soft and smooth, easy to cut and sew, and feels wonderful on the skin. That brings the total sewn so far to 20yds. Not too shabby.

08 - Jalie dolman top

On a more social note, I went to a sewing meetup in D.C. today. That was a lot of fun. It was organized by Nikki whom I haven’t seen since 2003. I got to meet Meredith, Adrianne, two Sara(h?)s, and one other sewing soul whose name escapes me right now. For the fabric swap, I contributed a bagful of fabrics in need of a new home – all but three were adopted. Yay!

Fabrics for swap

I brought home three new fabrics and two patterns but it didn’t occur to me to take a picture while there was decent light (not that there was much of it on this dreary rainy day) so a verbal description will have to do: one is a purple sweater knit, another a drapey lightweight knit in a beautiful shade of orange, and the third a very cool eyelash fabric in black. I have no idea what to do with this third piece but it had my name all over it so we’ll see.

And that’s all I have today. Happy sewing!

Checking in again

Hi again!

So I haven’t been posting in the last few months because what was supposed to be a part-time job turned into a full-time one just a few days after I started. It was a lot of information to take in and a major lifestyle change, and the stress of all that coupled with the long daily drive back and forth meant that I’ve had very little time or energy left for creating, let alone blogging. I am still here though, and while my posts will likely be sporadic in the next two months, they will get more regular once I go part-time in October.

All that housekeeping out of the way, let’s look at what I’ve been making. Because I wasn’t exactly idle, as it turns out (to my own surprise). I have made a bunch of bracelets and experimented with fun techniques – I have yet to take pictures of them so those will come later. Also, I joined the summer 6-PAC and made a bunch of things: 5 tops, a dress, and a cardigan jacket. And two pieces I didn’t think to photograph, mostly because I’ve been wearing them to work a lot and they completely slipped my mind.

Summer 6-PAC - tops

All of these tops are cut from Jalie 3352, the dolman top. The red ones in 11oz. rayon jersey from Emmaonesock have the original neckline without changes (I think). The light gray is a cotton knit from Nancy Erickson and has the most wonderful hand. The darker gray is a mostly-cotton jersey from Fabricmart – that one will be given away because it was doing some shrinking as I sewed it, and I only noticed it at the end. Both of these gray tops have a 3/4″ neckband, which was my attempt to see if I like the closer neckline (yes!) and if I like the neckband finish (not really). The cute polka dot is a cotton jersey from Marcy Tilton and it’s such a happy, smile-inducing fabric. For this top, I just closed up the neckline by the same 3/4″ and then clean-finished it by turning the allowance under and coverstitching. I like this neckline the best. Next time, I want to try a boat neckline to bring it up closer to the collar bone – I had accidentally put on one top the wrong way, with the back in front, and I liked the effect.

Summer 6-PAC - dress and cardigan

The dress is drafted from Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit. I just lengthened it to dress length, took in the side seams some to accommodate the sleeveless design and the curve of my waist, and added the bias-cut collar. Oh, and the hemline goes in a slight A-line, which is comfortable, but I think I prefer a straighter silhouette. I made it in a lovely black Brussels Washer from Fabric.com – it is such a pleasure to sew and wear. Warning: it does seat out some so not your best bet for a formal anything. I cut the neckline fairly wide and the collar doesn’t play well with most of my cardigans but I do have a few RTW ones that work so the dress is not an orphan.

The cardigan jacket is from my old PMB pattern (from 2002 or 2003, yikes!). I narrowed the shoulder slightly with a corresponding sleeve cap adjustment, curved the front neckline where it meets center front, and added 8″ to the length. There is no closure and the front edges meet but do not overlap. The fabric is an acrylic/wool/poly boucle bought from Fabricmart several years ago. It’s nicely warm, and super easy to sew. I enjoy wearing it and there’s more in the stash for another, shorter version.

And that’s pretty much all I have right now. Thank you if you’re still reading, and see you soon!