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Black jeans but not bootcut

My wardrobe has been in dire need of black jeans for a while. This month, I finally hopped to it and made not just one pair, but two. For the first pair I used Angela Wolf’s Angel Bootcut pattern with the leg narrowed to eliminate the bootcut. I’d used this pattern before for my blinged out teal jeans so the fitting issues were already worked out. Well,  mostly. I scooped out the crotch a tiny bit on this pair but I’m not sure it made any difference. Hard to tell in that black fabric.

Black jeans - closeup

The fabric is a slightly stretchy flocked cotton twill from JoAnn’s that I picked up a little over a year ago. At one point when I finished the jeans, I wondered if they’d be one-day pants as the fabric didn’t seem to have the best recovery, but that turned out to be an unfounded worry. They’re comfortable to wear, for a narrow pant. The leg width is new to me and I’m not sure it’s my most flattering.

Black jeans - frontBlack jeans - side

I omitted the pockets on this pair because it was meant to be a test pair. A wearable prototype, if you will. I finished them one evening and promptly wore them the next day for an all-day house-hunting trip with my sister. They held up just fine. I didn’t miss the pockets. Still not sure about the leg. I like more room all over. Like those relaxed fit jeans of old. I made those next, so stay tuned and I’ll show you. But before I go, let me show you my machine’s new look:

sewing machine with flower decals - front view

Isn’t it fabulous? I love it. It makes me happy every time I see it. And I take off the cover every morning to look before going to work, too. It’s such a cheerful sight.

Yardage sewn in this project: 1.5yds

Back in the swing of things

For a person who values stability, I move an awful lot. At the end of September, we made our second major move this year and I’m just now starting to feel like things might return to some semblance of normalcy soon. Sewing has kept me sane (knitting too but lately I’ve been mostly sewing). Here’s how my new sewing studio looked after the movers left:

Sewing room before

And here’s how it looks now:

Sewing room after - view 1

It looked much like this just a few days after the movers left the hot mess you saw in the first picture because I cannot stand moving boxes. So I usually unpack everything in the first week. I had to wait another week or two to have my fabric closet delivered so at that point there were still seven large boxes of fabric in the room. But they sat along one wall and the rest of the studio was usable.

Sewing room after - view 2

I really like sewing in this room. It gets a lot of indirect light most of the day – the bay window faces north. The other two windows face east so they bring in lovely morning sunshine for a couple of hours every day. It feels comfortable to work in here although now that the temperature has dropped outside, I’m noticing a cold draft on my feet. I may need some thick socks or something. It is definitely the coolest room in the house, which is kinda nice because I can have the iron on all day without the room getting too warm.

The first thing I sewed after the move was an apron. I used to have several. Somehow they have all disappeared over the years and moves. And so a new apron was in order.


Pretty cool, eh? It was a panel I bought at the local quilting store. Easy-peasy. I lined it with a coordinating spiderweb print to make it reversible.

I have other sewing bits to share with you so those will follow in the next post or two.

See you soon!

New sewing space

The move is done and the boxes are all unpacked. Yay! I still have a batch of cardboard sitting in the garage waiting to go to the recycling center and there’s some reorganizing still to do, but for the most part, things are in their place now. My sewing space is once again on the main floor, which is awesome. Let me show you:

Sewing space 1

You can see the couch in the left lower corner here. The couch is where my husband likes to hang out, playing the Playstation or reading. We like being in the same room even if we’re not doing the same thing so this arrangement is perfect for us.

Sewing space 2

Please excuse the undressed dressform. Maybe I could make a robe or something for her to wear in between projects. And matching covers for the sewing machine and serger, maybe?

Sewing space 3

The coverstitch machine is now living behind the doors of the cabinet on the left. I just need to buy a 110V surge protector before I can use it. (The other machines run happily on 220V.) The two compartments with gray roll-doors hold fabric. Maybe about 25% of my collection. The rest is upstairs, neatly stacked on shelves in the storage room.

Sewing space 4

My little bit of sewing-related decoration – it used to belong to my grandmother. Both the treadle and the needlepoint cover. I added the decorative things on top. Pretty cool, eh?