12 months, 12 outfits – a new wardrobe in a year

Here’s my new plan for wardrobe building. I’m taking inspiration from Janice’s 12 Months – 12 Outfits series at The Vivienne Files where she chooses six scarves at the beginning of the year and builds coordinating wardrobes around them one outfit per month. This year, two of the scarves feature a color palette that’s basically dark neutral, light neutral, and two shades of one accent color.

12M12O Color palette

I’ll be working with black, pale gray, and shades of red. Janice’s posts will serve as a blueprint or inspiration for my sewing projects each month. I figure there may be times where an existing garment will work really well but for the most part I expect to sew each outfit. I tend to wear skirts and dresses much more than pants so I’ll adjust the ratio accordingly as we go.

12M12O January plan

The plan for January looks pretty easy – black skirt, red cardigan, and pale gray (or maybe red) long-sleeved top. I already have the skirt and top patterns fitted, and the cardigan shouldn’t require much adjusting. As far as the accessories, the shoes shown are my favorite work shoes, the earrings are in the jewelry drawer, and the scarf is representative of several I already own.

I’ve noticed that having sunshine makes all the difference when I’m cutting and sewing black fabric so I’ll probably start with the skirt if it’s sunny next week. Or if it’s all cloudy and gray, I’ll start with the top.

See you soon!

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2 responses to “12 months, 12 outfits – a new wardrobe in a year

  1. Such a great plan Alexandra. I always admire your organized way of sewing clothes .Happy New Year !

  2. The inspiration picture with the cardinal is amazing! I love the idea of one outfit every month and will continue to enjoy reading your blog posts on this topic.

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