Back on track

Between dropping down to a part-time schedule at work and my husband’s return from the year-long assignment in Korea, my life has finally gotten back to a normal, reasonable pace. And I got back to running. And cooking. And all the other fun things that come with normal life. Like planning a SWAP, hehe. These are my SWAP fabrics. Full plan to come.

SWAP colors/fabrics

These last few months have been a bit of a hell on wheels because spending a year apart is tough, and the stressful job and crazy traffic didn’t help things. So now I’m taking care of myself, slowly easing into my creative groove. In the polymer studio, it’s mostly about rearranging tools and looking at previously made pieces. It feels like forever ago that I touched raw clay. Here is a look at the bracelets I made this year:

Polymer clay bracelets - 2017

And here is a yellow and black set I made to go with this gorgeous scarf. I also dyed the cardigan to match because I thought it would be easier than trying to find matching RTW. The dye is Rit Lemon Yellow, the kind that comes in a bottle. I followed the instructions on Rit’s website, including adding the salt in the dye bath and then following up with dye fixative afterwards. I found the dyeing process surprisingly easy and the resulting color nice and even.

Yellow and black jewelry set

Somewhere along the line this summer I decided to experiment with mica shift. It’s an interesting technique that I’d like to explore further. First, I tried it with Kato and I have this set to show you:

Red jewelry set - mica shift

And some samples of other colors, this time in Premo:

Mica shift samples

And that’s all I have for now. Actually, not quite because I do have a knitting WIP but no picture of it right now so that will come later. See you soon!

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10 responses to “Back on track

  1. I can only imagine how much you must be enjoying a new pace of life and the return of your husband. That’s a long time to be separated!

    • Thank you, Kristin! I can’t even imagine how people dealt with these long separations before there was Skype and Facetime.

  2. Welcome back! This was a nice show and tell.

  3. It’s good to hear from you again! I love, love, love the bracelets! What a wonderful new craft hobby. So glad things have settled down for you and that you will have more time for your sewing & crafting projects.

  4. Welcome back. Love the clay pieces, clever you.

  5. You’re back! That separation had to have been tough. My nephew had a hardship tour (year in Korea) before Facetime. A friend of the family is going to Korea for a year, but is allowed to bring his spouse, which surprised me. But, you’re back, and your creativity is amazing. I love your show and tell posts!

    • Thank you, Sandi! I hope your friend and his spouse like it there – my husband says it’s a lovely place with great people.

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