Summer 6-PAC wardrobe

The summer 6-PAC sew-along has started. People are coming up with all kinds of cool “stories” to make their wardrobe plans. I don’t have a cool story. But I do have the first three pieces finished.

Dark red top with skirtMay 10

I used my trusty patterns again – Burda 6695 for the tops and for the skirt, my favorite frankenpattern. All three fabrics are from Emmaonesock. The 11-oz. rayon/lycra jersey sews like a dream and feels great on the skin. I hope it wears and washes well, too, because I want these tops to last. The denim is the same stretch blend as the red and off-black skirts I made a few weeks ago.

Red white combo

Here are the three pieces all together. You can see that the reds are different. The darker one is called cadmium red, and the lighter one is called dark coral heather. Interestingly, mixing them up in polymer clay (Premo) calls for the same base: 7 parts cadmium red and 1 part fuchsia. For the darker color, the base is used as is. The lighter one is a 1:1 blend of the base with white. Colormixr tells me so.

Polymer clay to match

This morning I ordered some red sandals from Zappos. I hope they fit. And then I started working on coordinating jewelry for this red/white combination. The sheet above is made with a new-to-me technique called Sutton Slice. It’s fun to do. Now I need to figure out how to put it on a bracelet without demolishing the texture. The round pieces are still a WIP. The small ones are for earrings and the larger ones for pendants. I think. We’ll see how they turn out after the next baking.

And that’s all I have for now.

See you soon!

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7 responses to “Summer 6-PAC wardrobe

  1. Look great and the jewellery looks a lot of fun.

  2. Love it, it’s cool and summery!

  3. Pauline Birchnall

    Alexandra – I’ve been trying to make Burda 6695 and I can’t get beyond the first instruction of sewing the shoulder seams together. The back seams are longer than the front. Am I doing something stupid? I have a serious problem with Burda patterns!

    Regards – Pauline

    • Hi Pauline, I checked my pattern and the front and back shoulder seams align exactly. The only thing I can think of that could be throwing you off is that the front shoulder seam continues past the cutting line, to where it meets with the neckline seam. I mark this point with a dot when I cut out the fabric. This makes it easy to pin the shoulder seams at the neck edge, and the rest of the seam aligns nicely. I hope this helps.

  4. Pauline Birchnall

    Thank you Alexandra, that was an excellent tip. I did still have problems fitting the back to the turn down neck but it more or less came together once I made the cut into the end of the stitched seam referred to as 2a on the pattern.
    Thank you again!

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