Me-Made-May, week 3 roundup

Yay. three weeks down. It’s hard to take pictures every day. I mean, I have a tripod and a fabulous camera with a remote, and a decent photo spot on the patio so it’s not that. But sometimes it’s hard to fit it in. Anyway, on to what I’ve been wearing.

May 15

Sunday was a chilly rainy day. I wore my trusty black denim skirt with a mystery jersey top (M6355). I have the long sleeves rolled up to show off my me-made bracelets but if I had to spend more time outside in that weather, those sleeves would have come right back down. Me-made earrings as well (polymer clay, naturally).

May 16

On Monday, off-black denim skirt with the darker red rayon jersey top (Burda 6695), and me-made bracelets on both arms. Some days I experiment to see which bracelets wear or feel better during regular activities, and some days I just want to wear my bracelets. All of them, if I could.

May 17

On Tuesday, another cold day, I needed long sleeves again. Black denim skirt, dark red Sophia knit top (M6355), me-made bracelet and earrings. Not that you can see the earrings much in this picture, but I like them and they are comfortable to wear.

May 18

Seriously, what’s with the cold days? It’s May! This was on Wednesday, and I wore the black denim skirt with my mystery jersey top, me-made earrings and bracelets. This black skirt gets a lot of wear. I love it. It is super comfy and goes with just about everything.

No picture for Thursday. I was playing with polymer clay all day. Not sure what I wore other than no makeup and no accessories. I woke up with an idea for some earrings and pendants that I had to try right away. I’m not even sure I had breakfast that day.

May 20

Friday was back to the black denim skirt and light red rayon jersey top (Burda 6695), with me-made bracelets, necklace, and earrings.

May 21

And finally, on Saturday, I wore the black denim skirt with the red/black printed ITY poly top (Burda 6695), and me-made bracelets.

It’s been a good, productive week. A little bit cold, and I could do without the severe weather warnings, but otherwise no complaints. I’ve spent many happy hours in the clay studio – that’s a fancy name for the breakfast nook where my work desk resides. I keep wanting to share my clay stuff with you all but every time I start thinking about clay, I immediately want to work with it so writing takes a back seat, again and again. But this week I’ll have several days without access to clay which should make for good writing-about-clay time.

See you soon!

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  1. Well done this week!

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