Me-Made-May, week 1 roundup

First seven days down and I’ve been wearing me-mades every day. And here’s photographic evidence:

May 1

The week started off cool, with temps in the 60’s. On Sunday I wore the black denim skirt from my recent SWAP, a red long-sleeved top (M6355) in Sophia double knit, an altered RTW scarf , and a me-made bracelet and earrings set.

May 2

Still cool on Monday so I swapped the colors. Red denim skirt from the SWAP, gray mystery knit top with long sleeves (M6355), same altered RTW scarf as the day before (this scarf has been getting a lot of wear in the last six months or so), and the same bracelet and earring set again.

May 3

On Tuesday it was warmer, but still cool enough that a cardigan was welcome. I wore the black denim skirt with the multicolor rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) and black wool jersey cardigan. All three pieces from the SWAP.

May 4

On Wednesday it was plenty warm and I wore the off-black denim skirt from the SWAP with an old RTW asymmetrical top. It was this top that inspired me to look for a pattern with cut-on cap sleeves when I was sewing the spring 6-PAC.

May 5

On Thursday, back to red. Red denim skirt and red/black ITY poly jersey top (Burda 6695) from the SWAP.

May 6

On Friday I was testing a new me-made bracelet and it doesn’t go with the reds. So I wore the black denim skirt and the silver metallic rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) from the SWAP. The bracelet turned out to be a step in the right direction in terms of sizing so there will be more bracelets soon.

May 7

For Saturday’s running around, the red denim skirt paired nicely with the dark gray rayon jersey top (Burda 6695) and a me-made bracelet with earrings.

Most of these clothes were from my recent SWAP, mostly because that’s pretty much all that’s wearable in my closet right now. I’m working on sewing up more pieces. I made a rich red rayon jersey top today and I’ll be wearing it soon. I also have a piece of white denim for a skirt that I plan to make tomorrow so there should be a bit more variety coming up.

In other news, I’ve been feeling an overwhelming urge to knit another Viajante. But I had a slight mishap with the business end of a clay blade a couple of days ago so one of my main knitting fingers is currently, er… on light duty, shall we say.

See you soon!

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2 responses to “Me-Made-May, week 1 roundup

  1. I have just found you via MMMay and just thought I’d say how fab your outfits are. I love how they are all interchangable – I know thats the point of the SWAP things, but it must make getting dressed much easier!

    • Thank you! It does make things easier. It also helps that there’s nothing I don’t want to wear.

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