Checking in

I’m still here and sewing. Only “here” is no longer in Germany, but in Oklahoma. (For now, anyway. We had barely gotten settled into our new home when we got news about our next assignment, coming up in less than six months now.) When the movers packed up and crated my sewing studio early last December, I missed my machines dearly. And since I unpacked and set up the studio at the end of February, I’ve been giving them a lot of love.

Mini wardrobe

Above is a peek at my work in progress – a mini wardrobe that might blossom into a full SWAP because spring is in full swing here and summer just around the corner. On the right side is a black denim skirt, then three tops in colorful prints, and on the left you can see another print for a top, red denim for a skirt (which has become a reality between when I took the picture this afternoon and now when I’m typing this), and black wool jersey for a cardigan. I’m expecting a few more fabrics before the end of this week that will work well in this wardrobe.

I just wanted to check in briefly so you all don’t think I fell off the face of the planet. More soon.

Happy sewing!

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4 responses to “Checking in

  1. Thank you for “checking in” – I have missed your posts. I am glad that everything is okay.

  2. Glad to know you’re back in the states and still sewing!

  3. Marie-Noëlle Lafosse

    I am glad to hear of you and know that your sewing mojo is still here too.

  4. Welcome back.

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