Summer FO catch-up

Yay, it’s September! August was a busy and fun month, with traveling, knitting, and enjoying having my husband back from deployment.

Let me catch you up on my finished objects. First, the green Viajante:

Green Viajante 2Green Viajante 6

This is my third Viajante (pattern link). I just love the pattern. I made this one a little shorter and narrower at the pointy side. Probably not enough for a casual observer to notice but it does make a difference in how fast it works up and yarn yardage. I used Regia fingering weight, same yarn I’d used in the red version so there were no surprises. The color is actually quite green but photographs blueish teal. I don’t know why.

Next came my first beaded knitting project. I’d been watching Laura Nelkin’s Knitting with Beads class on Craftsy (fun and totally worth the money) and wanted a simple project to bead. Enter Jeweled Cowl (pattern link):

Jeweled Cowl 1

This is a lovely pattern – a loop knitted in the round, long enough to go around the neck twice. The yarn is a heavenly blend of cashmere, silk, and merino wool, light as air. There are 594 beads total. If I were to make it again in this cobwebby yarn, I’d use smaller beads so they’d be lighter. As it is, the beads weigh as much as the yarn in this piece. Probably not the best ratio. It will get plenty of wear so we’ll see how it fares with all those beads.

And last but not least, my black and yellow Cameo (pattern link):

Black and yellow Cameo shawl 1

I’d been admiring other people’s Cameos for a while and I finally decided to make one. Super easy pattern, garter stitch knits up fast, the striped section keeps it interesting, and the lace section adds some pretty. I absolutely love it and so I was crushed when the black yarn bled onto the yellow lace section during washing, right before I blocked it. I got as much out as I could, but not all of it. Myrna recommended Synthrapol so I’ll try that. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably reknit the yellow section with new yarn so it’s nice and bright, and then use Synthrapol from there on out.

OK, that’s all I have for today. Next time I’ll tell you about my new discovery – polymer clay.

See you soon!

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