Cropped polka dot cardigan

Oops, I completely spaced coming back here to tell you about the polka dot cardigan. Because I’ve been busy knitting and watching Craftsy classes. I even have a knitted FO for the next post. Which I will write right after this one so I won’t forget again.

Polka dot cardi

But back to the cardigan. It’s a refashion project. It started out as a nice, but really too long and rather shapeless cardigan from Lands’ End. I love the polka dots. The length is fixable. It was supposed to be part of my SWAP. Oh well.

Polka dot cardi - original

See what I mean? Too long. Bottom safety pin marks where I cut it off.

I cut off some 7″ from the bottom so that it would end at my natural waist. Any longer than this and I would have had to take it in at the sides. This way I could leave the side seams untouched. I hemmed it using 1″ foldover elastic in black. I had also auditioned a slightly narrower white one, but it made the polka dots look ivory in comparison so that was a no-go. I also cut off the ribbing from the sleeves and finished them with the same 1″ black foldover elastic. This gave the sleeves a nice 3/4-ish length. I used the regular straight stitch – surprisingly, it has plenty of give. It’s not needed but it’s good to know it’s there.

I’ve worn this cardigan quite a few times before the heat wave. It’s such a happy little shoulder warmer.

Next up, I have a yellow knitted shawlette to show you. See you then!

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3 responses to “Cropped polka dot cardigan

  1. What a smart refashion!

    • Thank you, K.! I’m thinking about buying a few more colors of this cardigan and refashioning them the same way.

  2. I love this length cardi . On you it looks wonderful .On me..not so much. I`ve given up on bolero lengths!

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