Refashion project – camisole

OK, I know I’m supposed to be telling you about the skirt and pants I made recently, but I have something newer to share first. A fabulous (if I say so myself) and easy refashion project.

Camisole finished

I used to wear camisoles all. the. time. Seriously. I had them in a bunch of colors. Over time, I stopped wearing them. Stopped replacing them. And recently, as I’ve struggled to figure out some casual tops I liked, I realized – hey, what happened to the camisoles? No idea, really. But the more I thought about it, the more sure I was that the camisole was the right solution to my quest for a casual top. It’s just me. It feels like me. I feel and look like me when I wear it. There will be more joining this one soon.

This one started out as an XL men’s T-shirt. A wrinkly mess, too.

Camisole original

No fear though. I little bit of ironing took care of the wrinkles and the excellent instructions in Zoe’s free pattern helped with the rest. I had some 1″ black fold-over elastic in my stash that’s been sitting there patiently for who knows how many years. It’s awesome! I love fold-over elastic! Where have I been that I’m only now finding out about its awesomeness?

Right. Back to the camisole. Two side seams, triple zig-zag hem, and triple zig-zag for the elastic. Bam! Done. Or, well, it would have been done if I had not decided at the last minute that I wanted it 3″ shorter. So that took a little extra time. But I fixed the pattern so next time it will be a quickie project.

Camisole hanging

I made it last night and could hardly wait until today to wear it. It was hanging on the closet handle all night and made me smile when I saw it first thing this morning. I’ve been wearing it all day. Super comfy. Love it.

Pattern notes: I made the size 10 (European 38). Needed less than 2 yds. of the fold-over elastic. Triple zig-zag settings were 1.3 length and 4.3 width.

And that’s all I have right now. See you soon!


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5 responses to “Refashion project – camisole

  1. LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute! Love those quick, gratifying projects.

  3. Good work. Much nicer than a big baggy tshirt.

  4. Great idea! I’ve got some t-shirts that I no longer wear in really pretty colours, and some FOE calling my name! Although I wouldn’t wear these tops on their own, they would be great layers under other tops. And it wouldn’t even matter if the straps peeked through!

  5. Thanks for the idea and the sharing of the link to the free pattern. Using the xl T-shirt is such a economical way to refill the wardrobe. May take a trip to the thrift shop to search for items to remake.

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