SWAP 2015

Occasionally over the years, I’ve planned a neat-looking SWAP and even made a few pieces, but I’ve never actually completed the whole thing (as far as I can remember, anyway). The closest I came was in in 2004, when I made three skirts and six/seven knit tops (seven sewn but one was a wadder).  I have photographic evidence, hehe.

This year, I need some basics. Simple shapes, easy color scheme, that kind of stuff. I’m going with red, white, and black. Most of them are already in my fabric collection.

SWAP 2015 fabrics

A little bit of analysis of my previous SWAP attempts leads me to believe that my best bet this year is to focus on one silhouette and make multiples of only a few patterns. So, I’ll be making pants – it’s time to update my pant pattern to a narrower leg and adjust the length to somewhere near the ankle so they will work with both heels and flats. I’ll make three pairs: black, white, and red.

To go with the pants, I will make five tank tops: black, white, red, white/black stripe, and white/red stripe. I was completely wintered out by Christmas so all this sewing will be with spring and summer in mind. I am almost always cold so layering is important. That said, I do not like the feel of two sleeves inside one another so my preference is for a sleeveless top with a long-sleeved cardigan. The five tank tops should give me a pretty good start.

SWAP 2015 plan

The other three items in the SWAP are wildcards and those will be two cardigans and a dress. The two cardigans are RTW that need a little refashioning. One is solid black, the other black with white polka dots. I plan to cut them shorter, reshape the neckline, and add white trim like I did on the red one. The dress will be solid red and sleeveless.

I am actually going to limit myself to just two patterns – one for the pants and one for the tops and dress (both of these patterns are TNT).  I am hoping this will help eliminate any analysis paralysis so that I can just sew. Let’s see how well it works.

See you soon!

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9 responses to “SWAP 2015

  1. In one of those rye moments I was reading my blog feed to try to break my paralysis through analysis! All the best with your plan – as is or as adapted to life.

  2. I really like your swap plans Alexandra

  3. I’m really intrigued – what is SWAP?

    • Lindsay, SWAP is short for Sewing With A Plan – a wardrobe collection of 11 coordinating garments. We use the concept for the yearly contest/sew-along on Stitcher’s Guild.

  4. Good to have you back. A SWAP of some kind would be great for my travels in June. Have to think that over.

  5. Glad to see you back blogging. I haven’t made it there myself, yet! Real life has just gotten in the way. I do love your SWAP plan! I like that your planned items mix and match very well. I hope to do something similar very soon.

  6. what a great plan. the simplest is the best. One day I will do a SWAP like this. Highly wearable, interchangeable, perfect. well done.

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