Yang Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine… huh?

Remember the refashioned cardigan? My custom-painted scarf arrived and the weather cooperated so I can show you how it all looks.

Outfit 1 comparison

On the left is how I wore it last winter. On the right is how I wore it today. Makes a difference, doesn’t it? And it’s not just the cardigan. Did you notice the earrings? I am wearing ones you can actually see, hehe. Wearing more and bolder jewelry is one of my new style goals so be prepared for more of it.

The jewelry is only a part of my new style direction. You see, I have recently had a consultation with Rachel Nachmias of Best Dressed. She helped me understand where I fit on the yin-yang continuum and sent me a personalized pdf with recommendations plus visuals in the form of a private Pinterest board. The visuals especially are priceless. The keywords for Yang Gamine (or YangG) are bold, contrasting, fitted, structured, and cheerful. Today’s outfit was my first attempt.

Outfit 1 accessories

Scarf or pearls or both? Do you have a preference?

Yang Gamine. Flamboyant Gamine. High-spirited essence. Different names for the same archetype. The youthful, playful, spunky, ball of energy type, with twinkling eyes. That’s me. And I’m going to learn to dress the right way so that my clothes and accessories tell my story. Lots of sewing coming up, hehe.

See you soon!

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22 responses to “Yang Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine… huh?

  1. My impression is that the scarf or the pearl necklace is lovely on you, but not both together ….too busy for you. Love your bolder earrings!

    Your blog is becoming one of my favorites. I am so impressed.

    Susan in WA

  2. Very fun! I really like the open-neckline with the pearls.

  3. Beautiful, Alex, beautiful.

  4. I think you always look so classy and stylish: scarf OR pearls, not both, less is more but great looking with your refashioned cardi.

  5. Love your new look! I especially adore your new scarf. Wearing it at a jaunty angle really works so well with your hair. Would you consider showing us a picture of the scarf on its own? Where did it come from?

    • Amy, thank you! The scarf was painted by Tanya of Silk Scarves Colorado. Look for a picture of the scarf alone in the next post.

  6. Love the new look, the cardigan looks so different and love the larger earrings. I prefer to the pearls but the scarf also looks great.

  7. Pearls! That’s a great look.

  8. All of your looks in your restyled cardi are stellar. Nice job using the consultation information!

  9. Very nice – my favorite look is with the scarf, although they all look good. Excited to see your new fashion direction.

  10. Love how sophisticated your YangG/FG looks! I wonder how it’d be with an chunky bold/angular necklace instead of pearls.

  11. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Are you doing ok?

  12. Definately the scarf, tied to the side as it is; looks jaunty in the right way for a yang gamine. Don’t like the pearls on you – a bit too formal/dressy/classic for your type. NOT the pearls and scarf together, way too much!

  13. Pearls hands down – no question. You still have that ‘Romantic’ build and the pearls create a ‘v neck’ that breaks up the bustline and avoids that ‘loaf of bread’ feeling that I get when I wear crewnecks. According to Shopping for the Real You’s quiz I am 44% Romantic, 27% Classic, 27% High Spirited, so thanks so much for posting outfits I can really resonate with. Please write more and show more pictures about how you ‘straddle’ that Romantic and High Spirited (Yang Gamine) essence split.

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