Bright-colored dresses

Back in April I posted about my black and lime green theory. It involved a simple sleeveless dress and a coordinating collared cardigan. That was the hypothesis anyway. But the more I worked with the four pieces, the more I felt like something was a little off. It took a while to put a finger on it but I finally realized that I didn’t care that much for the open neckline on the dress when worn alone. So my second hypothesis was born: collared dress and collarless cardigan.

Front 2

I closed up the neckline just a bit from the really wide and deep tank top style, and added a foldover stand-up collar. This is really pretty easy – it’s right about 1.5″ finished so I measured the neckline and cut a 7″ strip on the crosswise grain to that measurement. The 7″ allows room for turn of the cloth and seam allowances. I actually made a paper pattern piece to make cutting out easier.

The pattern is my good old TNT McCall’s 6355. It had the length, side seam shape, and armholes already worked out so the neckline was the only alteration. After making the first one of these to test the neckline, I promptly made it again in two other colors so now I have it in lime green, bright kelly green, and turquoise.  I took all three on our trip to Florida and practically lived in them there. One piece dressing – it just doesn’t get any better.

Front 3

To stay warm in the arctic A/C, I carried a black cropped cardigan. I had originally planned to make a black collarless cardigan as part of this collection but I ran out of time before the trip. So the old RTW cardigan would have to do. It was perfect for my needs.

And a quick preview of the knitting project I had mentioned:
Viajante 1

I’ll save the word soup about it for when I have more pictures, should be in the next few days.

See you soon!


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22 responses to “Bright-colored dresses

  1. It’s so nice to see you back blogging! I really enjoy reading the thoughtful analysis you put into your sewing. All the pieces, along with the color palette look beautiful and so well sewn.

  2. Your theory was so correct. You look wonderful!

  3. Beautiful, simply beautiful, Alex. Mom is here and seeing this, too, and she said you are so talented.

  4. Oh, how I wish I could sew! Or find a talented seamstress to make my clothes. Your clothes are simply beautiful, and I love your palette and theory.

    • Thank you, Sandi, for your kind words. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you learn to sew or find a talented seamstress soon, but really I’d vote for learning to sew – it’s super rewarding.

  5. Excellent job on the neckline. It adds so much to the dress. Isn’t it nice to have a pattern that works so well and can be altered for different designs. It looks so nice on you.

  6. As usual Alexandra, you have a classy looking dress that fits you to a T . I love the collar and the addition of a cardi or shawl is so pretty.

    • Thank you for the compliment and also for introducing me to this pattern. It was your sweater dress that first caught my eye.

  7. Your color palette is just perfect for you. You always look spot on perfect in everything you do!

  8. Goodbye Valentino

    What a perfect change you made to your dress! Look forward to more pics 🙂

  9. I love your colors, great dresses.

  10. Thank you, Towanda!

  11. A: You look adorable in this! Lovely!

  12. I think this neckline is closer to the balance point that you discovered earlier, and I agree, it looks better on you (without the cardigan) than the other. And as you have figured out, WOW, these bright colors are heavenly on you! Just found your blog, enjoying very much reading it

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