Black and lime green: testing a theory

Between all the forum talk about outfits vs. uniforms, happy repeats during my Project 333 experiments,  and the takeaways from my recent Style Essence consultation, I’ve been developing a better idea of just what I want to sew and wear. And I think I found the right formula. A sleeveless dress and a coordinating collared cardigan. (I think the collar is important as it not only elevates the formality of the look, but also provides an opportunity to add color, like a built-in scarf.)

Composite - green dress

I made two sets: one in lime green, the other in black but with a contrasting collar and cuffs on the cardigan. All four pieces are from M6355, which by now is a TNT pattern for me. I used Sophia double knit for its ease of sewing, care, and wearing. No lining, no zippers. This is still a theory that needs to be tested, but if this really is THE formula for me, then future versions will likely be lined and possibly made in drapey wovens. And for cooler weather, the dresses might have sleeves. We’ll see.

Composite - black dress

Spring came early this year (or more like, winter never really got started here) so I expect to have a lot of opportunities to test my new uniform. In the pictures above, my absolute favorite combination is the green dress and black cardigan, so I think I will start with that and make a few more sets in the next few weeks, for more color options.

It’s funny, actually, because I expected to prefer the one with the green cardigan and black dress. Something about having a bright color on the bottom half of the body just didn’t seem right. But to my surprise, it looks good both in real life and in the pictures, so I’ll stick with it for now.

See you soon!

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9 responses to “Black and lime green: testing a theory

  1. Really enjoy following your blog and this thread. I wear a uniform at work so none for me at home but still I follow your logic. They all look great but green dress with black jacket/trimmed with green is my favorite.

  2. I really like the look you have created with the dress and jacket. I just sewed my first Sophia knit garment and was surprised and pleased by how well it sewed. I love the feel of the fabric and the fact that it doesn’t cling like jersey. I will definitely be using more of it.

  3. Avettestingray

    Great post – your outfits are looking amazing. Awesome fit and perfect for your body.

    Interesting that you are posting on uniform dressing, as I am just sitting down to write a blog post on it myself!

  4. What a great collection of pieces! Personally, I like the black jacket and dress. But I love how you’ve made this work!

  5. I think you look “wonderful” in your ‘uniform’. You wear the green so beautifully.

  6. Goodbye Valentino

    You are so smart! My mix and match attempts generally lack something but you’ve nailed it and you sew beautifully! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  7. I don’t know how I missed this post. I’ve been too busy to visit blogs lately I guess but your “uniforms ” look amazing. Oh Alexandra! You just look so classy in all your clothes but these extra lovely!

  8. Missing you. Hope everything is okay.

  9. I know this is an older post, but I just had to comment. I think the reason you prefer the green dress/ black jacket combo is because your body shape is an inverted triangle. Having a bright color on top with a dark bottom is best for pear shapes, which is the majority of women.

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