Fabric rainbows

Hello again! I am back from a two-week stay with my family, refreshed and almost recovered from the cold my dad so generously spread all over. It’s always wonderful to see my parents, and then it’s also always great to come back home. This time it was even better than usual because there was a rainbow of fabric waiting for me when I returned.

Rainbow 1

Here’s how that happened: when I called Banksville Fabrics* to order the fabric needed to recut the fronts of a recent unfinished project, I asked for swatches of other bright solid-colored knits. The swatches got here in record time and the colors were of the spirit-lifting variety. See for yourself:

Rainbow 2

The short pieces are the ones I ordered. I keep a part of each swatch in a plastic baggie for matching purposes when shopping.

I promptly ordered a bunch of them, in 3-yard pieces, which should be enough for a sleeveless dress and a cardigan. Also, before the swatches arrived, I realized I was out of the black Sophia knit and when I went to order more, Vogue Fabrics* had other interesting colors like turquoise and lime green and pretty neutrals like winter white and burgundy. Of course, I ordered those too.

*no affiliation, just a happy customer

Fast forward to yesterday. I came home to two large boxes of fabric. As I opened the one from Banksville Fabrics, this was on top:

Rainbow 3

I put it aside right then because I wanted to see and touch my fabrics first. When I stacked them all on the cutting table, I just wanted to hug them. They looked like a rainbow. So happy and bright. Much like the Bright Winter color fan.

When I opened the envelope, out came another rainbow:

Rainbow 4

They have my number, don’t they?

How cool is that? Fabric rainbows everywhere!

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5 responses to “Fabric rainbows

  1. Oh my! How exciting and pretty! Alexandra, could you please tell me if the Sophia knits pill. I`ve recently joined the Vogue Fabrics Club and hesitate to order these knits without knowing if I`d be wasting my money!

    • Hi Diana,

      thank you for your comment! In my experience, the Sophia knit will eventually pill a little. The dresses I made last year show no pilling yet, but a cardigan I wore around the house just about every day for a year pilled around the neck and at the sleeve hems. For garments I don’t wear every day, I expect at least two years’ worth of wear. Well, for wash-and-wear ones anyway. A dry-clean-only line wool sheath dress better last a few more years.

      I believe Kathryn (fzxdoc) on Stitcher’s Guild said she hasn’t had any pilling with the Sophia but she might dry-clean her creations. They are pretty special, with applique and such.

      I hope this helps.

  2. OK, I love this. So cheery. So soft. So much fabric! (There aren’t many of us out there who aren’t on a serious fabric diet.) Well done. Off to look at the links.

  3. I just visited a website you might enjoy. It is a 16 year old girl with an amazing sewing talent. http://doxiequeen1.wordpress.com/
    As I don’t sew garments, just admire those who do, I knew you would enjoy her creations and the creative process. Gari

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