Shawl-collared cardigan

Here’s the project that helped me out of the funk. It’s a shawl-collared cardigan, the idea for which crystallized after a recent consultation with John Kitchener (more on that in another post).

Malachite green cardigan

This is how I plan to wear it – with a belt

The fabric is a malachite-colored wool jersey that’s been in my fabric stash since 2006, waiting patiently for the right project to come along. It’s an absolute pleasure to sew and press, just like every other wool jersey I’ve ever tried, and comfy to wear. I really need more of this fabric, in all kinds of bright colors.

Front view unbelted

Unbelted view

I used my knit top TNT McCall’s 6355 and added a shawl collar. I had originally drafted a separate collar into a slightly curved neckline and a cut-on facing, but I didn’t like how the finished collar looked where it met the front edge. So I went back to the drafting table and added a regular shawl collar onto the front (this requires a separate facing).

Pattern comparison

In the picture above, you can see the original TNT front under the new shawl-collared front – the only changes are at the neckline and front edge. I used Armstrong’s directions except for moving the neck point (sheer laziness as I already had the back piece cut out and didn’t feel like tracing and cutting a new copy) and made the collar wider, per previously established preference. For the facing, I took into account the turn of the cloth, adding to the collar and subtracting from the front edge.

While the cardigan was still on the dressform, I played with some trim to get ideas for the next iteration. Like this:

WIP - idea

I like the look of this narrow trim

Although I can see a lined version in the future, I didn’t line this one. I wanted it to feel sweater-like. Also, because I didn’t have matching thread and over here thread costs twice as much as stateside, I only bought one small spool for the stitching that would show. All the serging inside is in lime green.


None of the lime green shows when I wear it but it makes me feel good to know it’s there. There will, of course, be a lime green version coming soon. I know you knew that.

See you soon!

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20 responses to “Shawl-collared cardigan

  1. That is gorgeous!! I wish I could draft patterns like that!

    • Thank you for the compliment! I didn’t draft most of the pattern, just the collar, and for that I just followed the instructions (and pictures) in the book. Not hard at all.

  2. OK, now I must buy this pattern and figure out how you made the alteration and copy you. You are like my shawl collar spirit sewist!

  3. Lovely jacket. Nice fit, too. Mary

  4. Wow, very clever. Looks perfect and must be very comfortable.

  5. Ohhh, I love that shade of green!!!! The cardi is absolutely perfect!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Sweater is lovely color and fit looks perfect. Jealous of skill to alter… did a great job. Love the serging in different color….adds pizazz even if it did show.

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment! It’s really not hard at all – just following instructions in the book. The contrasting serging might make an appearance in a future project, too.

  8. Perfect fit and gorgeous color! I love your new cardigan – I want to have one like this too! đŸ˜€

  9. lovely! i really like this style.

  10. Your jacket is beautiful! Can you tell us more about your John Kitchener session?

  11. I absolutely love this one you! And me (?) lol

    I really like the white trim one; it looks very sharp.

  12. Oh my, what a lovely job. I think a trimmed one would be awesome.

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