From funk to project

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a nice post but I couldn’t. Because I’ve been in a bit of a funk that descended on me when I made this one wadder. Not because it was a wadder; everybody makes one every so often. And it’s not even a wadder, really, it just needs the fronts recut. And therein lies the problem. I’m out of that fabric. Yes, I can order more of it (and have, too) but it will take about two weeks to arrive. Because we’re stationed in Germany. I usually do a pretty good job of happily ignoring that little factoid (in ostrich-like fashion), but having to wait two weeks or more for fabric brings it home in a way that defies denial.

Anyway, the fabric is not here yet but I have made it past the funk by making that pattern in a different fabric (and there are many yards of pretty fabrics coming my way in the next few weeks, hehe). Yay! Here’s a sneak peek:


It still needs buttons and buttonholes. That’s my work for tomorrow. Then I’ll be back with more pictures.

See you soon!

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4 responses to “From funk to project

  1. Oh, that sucks – but it’s ok cuz you can get more of that lovely fabric. What pattern is that?? I might want to buy it. BTW, if there’s one thing I should probably not buy more of, it’s jacket patterns! I checked my pattern stash and I’ve got a ridiculous number of these, never mind that I’ve only sewn one of them with fitting success. They’re like rainbow unicorns.

  2. that is a Gorgeous jacket – my favorite style!
    🙂 chris

  3. This new jacket is so pretty! And I’m sorry that you have to wait for new fabric goodness!!!

  4. Well, there’s always a silver lining in every story. You’ll finish your jacket and there’s more fabric coming! I really like the one you have almost finished.

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