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Yesterday, Sarah of Goodbye Valentino issued a challenge an invitation to join her for a year of RTW fast. I hemmed and hawed, and asked my husband for his opinion, then went off to procrastinate read some other blogs, but after a while I sent her an email to say I’m in. My reasoning went something like this:

  1. My summer 6-PAC gave me confidence that I can make six coordinating garments in three months.
  2. The Project 333 exercise is showing me that a small wardrobe is perfect for me and that I am definitely an outfit person (as opposed to mix-and-match).
  3. My preliminary SWAP board has mostly simple-to-sew pieces that reflect what I really wear.
  4. Participating in the YLF forum is helping me with ideas for incorporating elements of my inspiration board into my wardrobe.

All this means I have low needs, sufficient skills, and plenty of ideas so I can definitely make it happen. I’m already looking forward to it, especially because I envision making some special pieces based on my inspiration board. For reference, here it is:

Inspiration board

When I posted it on the YLF forum in November with a plea to help identify the vibe, I received a lot of wonderfully helpful analysis in response. Here’s the recap:

Old-hollywood glamour, retro, classic, ladylike/feminine, luxury,
dramatic, statuesque, majestic, queenly, sophisticated drama, bold, romantic, sleek, film noir, bombshell.
Sexy without being trashy; classic without being boring; dramatic without being costumey; think Joan from Mad Men.
Neutral clothes, colorful accessories.
Defined waist. Draped above waist, fitted below.
Textural mix – “dimension meets smooth”, shine.

This is quite interesting because it meshes really well with what Christine writes about Bright Winters. Funny because I made the board back in the beginning of 2011, long before my Bright Winter “diagnosis”. That goes to show that we often really do gravitate to what’s innately ours, even if we’re not yet ready to see it.

From Christine’s book, the keywords for Bright Winter:
“sharp, luxurious, polished, gleaming, symmetrical, repeating, imperial, composed, thrilling, brilliant, bold, dramatic, Asian, original, expensive.”

I’ll keep all of this in mind as I plan my sewing projects. Of course, I wouldn’t wear the most dramatic/retro/bombshell outfits as they are on the board. But I would like to incorporate some of their elements. Maybe a cape over an otherwise classic outfit. Ooh a cape! With a fur collar maybe!  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Over to you, dear readers: are you joining Sarah’s RTW fast? Thinking about it?

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3 responses to “RTW fast and inspiration

  1. Oh dear. I just finished a year of no RTW. I found it surprisingly easy . I didn’t include accessories in my self imposed pledge! I don’t think I could do a year with no new shoes unless I was locked up somewhere!Lol

  2. I also just did the RTW fast. Last month remaining now. Yay! It wasn’t very hard though I come to some conclusions. There are some types of garments I like wearing which I’m better off buying RTW than sew my self. Jeans and thin cashmere sweaters and cardigans being two examples.

    On another note, I have been thinking a lot of my coloring and I believe I’m also a bright winter. Those are the colors I’m most drawn to and those I get most complements from wearing. But I do’t have that good a sense of colors so I’m not sure all my clothes fit the color type or not.

  3. I didn’t officially sign up, but I did the RTW fast this year.

    (OK, with one exception – we scheduled a family portrait w/a professional photographer this year, and I had nothing that matched the color scheme that my in-laws selected. I bought 1 top and 1 pair of shorts that I wore for the photo alone and for a couple days in the summer, respectively.)

    The principle of abstaining from RTW and focusing on absolutely the right clothes (right shape, right color, right fabric) is sound and makes good sense. I’d do it again next year except I am totally out of clothes, LOL! I purged relentlessly this year and can make maybe 1 garment every few months, so I’ll put myself back on for 2015.

    I love the YLF forums. Such wonderful, helpful people there.

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