A little bit of this…

I just realized that I haven’t shown you my newly rearranged sewing studio. I moved the sewing cabinet into the corner to get a better flow and more airy feel for the room. I’m loving it now.

Sewing room

It feels so good to be there. I spent some time this week on tweaking the T-shirt dress pattern. I’m using a lovely shimmery gray knit to test this new version. It was supposed to be just a hip-length sweater to wear around the house but as I draped the fabric around myself, it said very clearly that I should make it into a dress. OK, dress it is then. It’s all cut out and waiting for me to sew it up.

Just cut out

In other news: a little more than two years ago, I started a major decluttering effort, in which I successfully eliminated all sorts of unneeded and duplicate items. This made my life (and subsequent move) easier. But wouldn’t you know, my effort was a bit too successful and I have now placed an order on Amazon to replace two of the books that fell victim to the big purge (top two books in the picture below).

Jean Frost books

With all the recent talk in the sewing blogosphere about Chanel-style jacket sew-alongs, the new Craftsy class, and all manner of inspirational pictures, it’s only natural that I’ve had silk-lined tweedy/textured jackets on my mind. Then as I was perusing Ravelry in search of knitting inspiration, I came across Leah’s Enchanted Emerald and Coco. (You can also see her other beautiful projects on Ravelry.) A-ha! I can knit my own fabric too. And you know it’s meant to be because in addition to the two books that I will once again own, there are two new books in the same collection – one about customizing the knitted jacket, and the other a stitchionary for knits with the look of wovens. Yes!!! I can hardly wait.

See you soon!

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  1. Oh, it looks great – and I see that you’re using your fave colour again! 🙂

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