Project 333: week 2

Wow, a week’s gone by and even though I’ve been composing blog posts in my head every day, somehow I managed to post nothing at all. But I have been taking pictures of my outfits to share with you so this is a quick check-in at the end of week 2:

Outfits Week 2a

In the picture above, I used the brooch to turn the gray turtleneck into more of a high shawl collar. It was a very comfortable outfit on what was an incredibly frustrating morning (I got to see ineptitude taken to a whole new level).

Outfits Week 2b

Simple outfits, all of them. Somewhat less colorful than last week – I see three mostly black/gray combinations. Funny, I could have sworn my outfits were more colorful than this. So much for eye witness, eh?

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6 responses to “Project 333: week 2

  1. I have only recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. I too had a day out in Trier this week! Although I certainly did not look as well dressed as you did 🙂

  2. I have to give you props that you’ve taken the pictures and plan to do so every day. I also give you props that you are working through planning your wardrobe because I’m such a clothes horse that I would immediately sit down at my sewing machine and start banging out some clothes! Can’t wait to see what you decide from this process.

  3. All very posh looking outfits, Alexandra. You look classy in each one. I, too ,make every trip to wherever an occasion to look my best. As a retiree, I refuse to look always casual and sloppy.

  4. Thanks for the pics, Alexandra. Your well-put-together appearance sets a good example for me. I also think you have wonderful posture and that is not to be underrated as one of the items in a ‘good wardrobe’.

  5. Thank you very much, ladies, for all the compliments!

    Wendy, welcome to my blog. Please come back often 🙂

    Carolyn, it’s kinda funny because these last two weeks whenever I thought about sewing something new, the next thought was “I don’t need it, I have plenty to wear”. This should change though because I have grand plans for spring, hehe.

    Diana, thank you for being one of those fabulous well-dressed retirees who make me wish the rest of the world would take a cue from them.

    Brenda, good point about posture. My mom would love you for saying that.

  6. Hello Alexandra,
    I am about to embark on Project 333 and just wanted to let you know that your clothing sets you have chosen for the project are very inspirational – focused and beautiful.
    You look great in the clothes you have chosen and I hope you will continue to post the photos as you go through the project.
    I stopped working a few years ago and fell into the jeans and trainees trap. Now I am trying to find a middle ground – simple, well put-together, comfortable, but definitely not sloppy! I think Project 333 will help me define my style a bit better and am really forward to seeing your progress too.
    Thank you for your inspirational ideas!

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