Good times…

What a fun month this has been. Not much blogging, well, not any blogging. Sorry about that. Let me catch you up.

First, shortly after I made those lime green PJs, I went to spend some time with my parents in Slovakia. It’s a roughly 10-hour trip one way so very much driveable. It was a great visit and I wore those green PJs so my mom would not have to comment about how everything I wear is black 🙂

Lime green sweater

Not to worry, there is more color coming to a closet near me – see? This will soon be a cardigan. Not black.

Then I brought my mom home with me for a couple of weeks and this is where things got busy. My mom spent just one night in our guest bedroom before she started making suggestions. Admittedly, the guest bedroom was very bare – just a platform with a mattress on it, and two dressers. First, mom wanted a chair so we took one from the dining table. Then she didn’t like how the bed was right under the window and “can we turn it the other way?” So I measured, brought out my trusty Super Sliders, and we moved and turned the bed. Now there was room for a night stand, only we didn’t have an extra one, so we bought one on our next Ikea trip a few days later. Oh, and a headboard would be nice. Yes, well, that would have to wait.

Mom had a few sewing projects for me – pants alterations, small fabric sachets to hold dried lavender, and a cover for her future heating pad. When she mentioned something about keeping her shoulders warm, I offered to make her a shrug. It was a quick project on the knitting machine – one piece, knitted sideways. She sewed up the sleeves and I crocheted around the edges. We even got do to some social fun stuff: going to a couple of meetings with my new-found knitting and quilting buddies. Mom was inspired to start knitting again, and we worked together to bind some charity quilts. Good times.

Quilt on the wall

Apologies for the poor photo – I can’t quite get the lighting right. The colors are much more vibrant in real life.

After mom left, I shifted into some serious home dec DIY gear. My new knitting friend has several quilts hanging on walls. Seeing this inspired me to hang my quilt, too. I’ve only made two – one I use on my bed, the other was supposed to be a couch quilt but we haven’t been using it. So on the wall it went. Invisibly, too.

Couch pillows

Next up were the couch pillows. I’ve thought buying new ones because the old ones just were not the right color. Instead, I bought some quilting fabric and made new covers for them. Now they’re washable, too. (Well, the covers are, not the pillows. And I had to make pillow forms for them, too. Would you have guessed that when you take off the outer fabric from a store-bought pillow, there is just stuffing? No plain fabric to keep it contained?)

Then I cleaned out my bedroom and hung some pictures there. And then I figured out the headboard for the guest bedroom. I’ll tell you all about it in the next post.

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6 responses to “Good times…

  1. You have been busy! I like how you’re carrying the green throughout your home!

  2. Your mum knows how to work you! 🙂 And your space looks lovely.

  3. Oh yay, you’re doing really bedazzling stuff! Are you getting enough lime green in your diet? Love it!

  4. I spent a long time yesterday – A LONG TIME!!! – looking at your blog about The Triumph of Individual Style and the link to the colour analyst. Absolutely wonderful. So much useful information. I will purchase those books and hope at some stage to have a colour analysis done. I had one many years ago when it was Colour Me Beautiful. It was somewhat helpful but the expanded version seems SO MUCH better.
    Thanks for your beautiful blog. I really enjoy it.

    • Welcome, Barbara, and thank you for the comment. Good luck with the color analysis and please come back to share your color and Triumph journey.

  5. Sounds like you had a busy visit and got a few things done. LOVE that green. I’ve been contemplating couch cushions as well. I bought four 22″ squares in a turquoise linen because they were perfect and when I calculated the price, it was relatively similar to sewing them… except they were down … which was a value added ingredient I couldn’t calculate but – combined with perfect color – sealed the deal. AND THEN… I bought a print fabric to go with and plan to sew four 18″ squares from that.

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