Fall knitting – lime green pullover

Yay! Look! I have another finished item! This one wasn’t part of the original fall plan but the pattern has been on my radar for a while – Ravelry tells me I purchased in back in July. It’s called Pipit (cool name, right? it reminds me of Pippi Longstocking) and I was attracted to its lovely neckline and very interesting shaping.

Front view

Front view

Having just finished the lime green cardigan, I was looking for another machine knitting project. I had another cone of the lime green yarn, a tension swatch already made, and the perfect pattern in my Kindle app – I was ready! I decided on a looser tension for this sweater, made a new gauge swatch, and sat down for a few hours to recalculate the pattern. It’s not hard once you wrap your head around how it’s made and how you want to change the sequence.

Recalculating patterns is kind of fun. I know many knitters don’t want to bother or are afraid or something but I so rarely get anywhere near the published gauge that I’ve pretty much always done the recalculations. All it takes is a pen, a calculator, and a few sheets of paper. I write my patterns by row. It’s just easier to knit that way.

Pipit notes sample

This is just a rough draft on the back of a calendar page. When it’s all figured out, I transcribe it nicely into my legal pad.

Anyway, the pattern as written starts at center back with a provisional cast-on. I made mine in one piece starting with one sleeve, across the back, to the other sleeve. The top shoulder increases/decreases, so easy to do on regular needles, took a lot of hand-manipulation because I had to transfer a lot of stitches one needle over, seven stitches at a time (my multi-prong transfer tool has seven prongs).

The reverse stockinette bits required the garter bar. This may actually be the first time I used it in a project. And because its use was required multiple times, I am now somewhat proficient at it. It’s a really nifty tool.

Side view

Side view

I used more stitches and short rows for bust shaping than what was in the pattern. On a loose cardigan, I don’t worry much about bust shaping but on a more closely sweater, I prefer bust darts. No need for pulls and wrinkles.


Closeup of dart and top shoulder shaping

I’m loving the neckline – it’s perfect for me: high in the back, almost flat in the front. The reverse stockinette outline and the rolled edge add just the right amount of interest to the neckline.

Back view

Back view

This was a really quick project, only 4 days from start to finish. I thought with all the shaping and unusual construction, it would take longer but I’m glad it didn’t. This way I can wear it on our upcoming trip and see how I like it. If I do, there may be more Pipits in my future – I like the look that much.

That’s all I have right now. I’m off to bed. See you soon!

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  1. Ten sa fakt vydaril!

  2. Hi, I admire Your work. Fantastic. I try to learn mach knitting and have made two useful sweaters – so far – for my self. I do recalculate but would love it if you read how you did the pipit-sweater. Hope to hear from you,

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