Fall knitting – lime green cardigan

Yay, it’s done! Actually, it’s been done for the last few days but I finally managed to take pictures so here goes:

Front view

Front view

I used the measurements from my old Georgie cardigan because I like how it fits. Did you notice that the sleeves are rolled up at the hem? Well, that would be because either the tape measure or the calculator lied. Or something. Anyway, I’m leaving it like that and calling it a cuff.

The yarn is fingering weight Nature Spun from Brown Sheep. It comes on cones. I love it. They named the color Spring Green. It’s bright and happy. Totally makes my day every time I look at it.

Side view

Side view

The front band is 32 rows of garter stitch on 2mm needles (size 0). It will be a while before the memory of knitting a gazillion tiny stitches fades. Suffice it to say that it took less than 7 hours total to knit the back, the fronts, and both sleeves, but the front band alone took more than that.

I was super excited to find out one evening how to make an I-cord on my machine (it’s right there in the manual, how cool is that?) and much to my husband’s chagrin I just had to try it right then. At 11:30pm. Not that he was doing anything important like sleeping, no, he was playing the Playstation. I think I’m excused.

Back view

Back view

I tried to put the arms on the dressform, I really tried, but after about 10 frustrating minutes I gave up. Not sure what happened there but those metal doodads just wouldn’t engage. So, back to the I-cord. Easy-peasy, this one is done on four needles. Next time, I will move the eyelets up an inch and a half so that the cord is at my waist. Now it’s closer to high hip, which is okay, but waist level would be better I think.

I have another machine knitted project in progress, the new SWAP rules have just been announced so there is planning to do, there will be fabric and yarn shopping on our upcoming trip stateside… all sorts of fun.

See you soon!

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6 responses to “Fall knitting – lime green cardigan

  1. I love it! K

  2. Stunning. I love the color. You’ll look beautiful in it.

  3. Your latest creation is gorgeous. Love the color and know it will look smashing on you.

  4. Oh my gosh!! This cardigan is gorgeous! Everything. Style colour, workmanship! Can you tell I love it?

  5. Thank you all very much for the compliments! I love them.

  6. Your new sweater is magnificent!

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