DIY headboard

Last time, I told you about my mom’s ideas for making the guest bedroom more functional. One of her suggestions was a headboard for the bed. Let me show you how I made it.

I have a sliding door from what was once a wonderful fabric closet (bad movers story – don’t ask). I also have a very warm thick zebra blanket that never gets any use. And so I hatched this plan: old sliding door + unused zebra blanket = new headboard.

First, I removed the wheels and top edge hardware from the door:
Headboard 1

Then I spread the blanket on the floor and positioned the door in the middle:
Headboard 3

Then I just wrapped the blanket around the door, stapling it around the edges on the back, like this:
Headboard 4

And here’s the finished look:
Headboard 5

On the left you can see the other additions to the room – the night stand and the light. I realize that this is not the greatest bedroom shot you’ve ever seen, but seriously, this is a huge improvement over its previous state. I have a pretty quilt planned for this bed and a few more touches for the room to make it look more welcoming.

Now, if we were back stateside, I’d have used batting and foam, and some nice home dec fabric, and I would also have cut the door to the width of the bed. But with our current limitations (such as my 110V tools in storage, and only one income), I got creative with what we already had.


In other news, my lime green cardigan is almost finished. I have a few more hours of garter stitch around the front edges and neckline, and then sewing in the sleeves. That will be the third item in my fall 6-PAC (which is in danger of becoming only a 3-PAC). I will have pictures to share with you soon.

See you next time!

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