Planning for fall sewing

My fall sewing plan is slowly taking shape in my head. I have thought about what I wear, how I wear things, and what feels comfortable. It dawned on me that I usually prefer a dark inner column (black or dark gray dress) with a cardigan in a lighter color (which will be lime green this season). With pants (almost always black), I wear a black top with a light-colored cardigan or a light-colored top with a black cardigan.

Fall sewing - fabrics 1

Clearly, taking pictures next to the window is not my strength – the colors come out odd. But you get the idea, yes?

With that in mind, I came up with two dress/cardigan outfits. I also need to replace a pair of dress pants that have seen better days. And I am still mourning my favorite PJs that I wore to shreds so a new pair will round out my 6-PAC. Here’s the plan so far:

  • black long-sleeved T-shirt dress – Sophia knit
  • lime green sweater jacket – Brown Sheep Nature Spun yarn
  • dark gray long-sleeved T-shirt dress – doubleknit
  • lime green cardigan – doubleknit
  • black long pants – wool crepe
  • lime green/black PJs – Kona cotton

That should be enough to get things rolling. I’m off to the sewing room.
Happy Labor Day (or regular sewing Monday)!

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3 responses to “Planning for fall sewing

  1. I just love your color palette. I want to make a lime green coat, but it’s just not in the cards this year. Oh well! Have fun sewing.

  2. This will be sooo pretty when completed. Especially the gray/lime combo because it’s unexpected. I think you will enjoy sewing this combo.

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