Fall sewing – lime green PJs

I washed the cotton for these pajama pants weeks ago. Then it was too hot in the sewing room. Then it was something else. Then I had fifteen million other things on my list. And then… I finally had enough of the procrastination. I ironed the fabric before I went to bed, cut out the pants the next morning and sewed them up that night.

PJs 2

I’m finding the yellow-green range impossible to capture correctly.

The fabric is Kona quilting cotton in Peridot. The pattern is my TNT pants pattern, Burda WOF 8/98 #106. It’s a pattern for wide-leg pleated-front pants with a wide curved waistband. I have made it many times over the years, with and without the pleats, in worsted wools, cottons, even denim, most recently as the black cotton pants in my summer 6-PAC. Two years ago, I turned it into a simple PJ pattern by eliminating the side seam, replacing the waistband with a casing for elastic, and narrowing the hem a bit. I loved the resulting pajama pants and wore them to shreds so of course I dug out that PJ pattern for this project.

PJs 3

The pants are a bright lime green. The “yellow” in the quilt is a much lighter version of the same color.

Between the cutting and sewing sessions, I knitted a couple of swatches in preparation for a cardigan project. First I made a tension swatch to get an idea of the fabric created at different tensions. You can see the holes on the right side of the swatches – the number of holes indicates the tension of the fabric above them.

Lime green swatches

The fabric is too loose at tension 6 and too firm at tension 2. Tensions 3-5 all resulted in nice fabric. I chose tension 4 for this project and made the second swatch – the gauge swatch. It has 34 stitches and 51 rows to 4″ square. I am using the basic shape of the Georgie cardigan, with quite a few modification. I have spent the better part of today making design decisions and calculating the pattern.

Peridot necklace fix

In other news, I did a little bit of necklace surgery last week. The pretty peridot torsade was a little too chunky (and heavy) for me so I cut off three strands of it. The remaining four strands make the perfect medium scale necklace for me.

How are your fall projects coming along? Please talk to me.

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5 responses to “Fall sewing – lime green PJs

  1. Pyžamové gate sú super a čapkám Ti aj k tomu chudšiemu náhrdelníku. Good call!

  2. You know I am infatuated with your machine knitting, and I just stalked your blog and found the name of your machine. I am going looking.

  3. Hi Alexandra. First, I love the peridot necklace and agree the reduced version looks better . As for your knitting machine “fabric” Just gorgeous ! It must be such fun, creating your own knits! That green is lovely. Cute PJs

  4. You are too cute. Your pjs coordinate with your quilt!!!

  5. Since this is my favourite color, I love the pants and the swatch and the necklace and I’m gazing enviously at those “left over” strands. Mixed with fuchsia maybe… and black… hmm… LOVELY.

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