It seems like I’ve been sewing up a storm in black and white fabrics lately, even though I said I would be adding bright colors. The problem is my stash – about 90% of it is black and dark gray wool suitings, and the other 10% are cotton shirtings and heavier wool doubleknits – not suitable for my current plans.

But I really am adding bright colors to my wardrobe and fabric collection. I have recently bought these lovely cottons (plus a chartreuse one that I’m not sure why it’s not in the picture) at a quilting store.  See how nicely they harmonize with the Bright Winter color fan? These cottons are destined for PJs. I washed them all today so the project is imminent.
PJ fabrics

On the knitting front, I have been practicing edges, hems, and necklines on the knitting machine in preparation for larger projects. These are cut & sew samples. I don’t care for the neckline on the right, which was sewn on the sewing machine – it turned out wonky and I didn’t care much for the process. The other one is better in that it was rehung on the machine after cutting and the neckline trim knitted right onto the piece. My favorite sample is the houndstooth. I love houndstooth! It is such a classic, pretty pattern.
MK practice 1

On Saturday, I found this bright turquoise 100% cotton yarn at our local yarn store. It’s a good weight for knitting on the standard gauge machine. The gauge swatch is drying right now. I envision this as a cardigan but that may still change.
Baby Cotton by Lang Yarns

But wait, there’s more! (sounds like an infomercial, doesn’t it?) I also have some bright colored yarns coming in from what was my local yarn store when we lived in Wyoming.

And more still! I had requested samples of charcoal and lime green fabrics from Banksville Fabrics a couple of weeks ago and they came through as always. I placed my order on Friday so there will be more colorful fabrics coming soon.

See? My fabric collection is about to get very colorful. And then my wardrobe too. It’s exciting! These colors make me feel so happy that I just want to spread the joy. So stay tuned!

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2 responses to “Colors!

  1. I love the houndstooth as well and the royal blue and white are such a pretty combination! Interesting to see your turquoise project!

  2. May I give some input based on my personal and unsolicited opinion?

    Well here goes…. I truly believe you may well be a Dark Winter, not Bright. I’m just not seeing bright in your hair or eyes… perhaps complexion but not definitively. It would be nice to see you compare both families of color on your blog. I was misdiagnosed and told I was BW, then LS and then SS. Those are all way different in hue, saturation, etc. I am, IRL Dark Winter. My colors were done be 12 BP also, err.

    Hope you don’t mind my adding that IMHO you have beautiful hair coloring, I bet you’d look gorgeous in a bob style and a blunt cut such as a bob would be wonderful with the lines of your wardrobe as well.

    Well, thank you for sharing your talents; your blog is a wealth of inspiration; I admire your attention to detail, organization abilities and perserverence.

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