6-PAC reflections

I have recently finished my first 6-PAC. It wasn’t my first planned wardrobe activity – I recall doing a SWAP back in 2002 or so, although I don’t remember if I finished it or just came close. But I’m not exactly experienced in coordinated wardrobe sewing either. I enjoy the planning stage where there are so many possibilities and everything goes with everything else, at least in theory.

In reality, things are a little different. As you can see below, it is unlikely that the cardigan would work with the black & white dress. In fact, it doesn’t work well with the foldover collars on the two knit tops either. (It’s not an orphan though, because it works perfectly with the black T-shirt dress that wasn’t a part of this collection.) The mock wrap dress is too much of a look-at-me piece to work well with any other piece, except maybe a shawl. The tops and bottoms aren’t really mix-and-match because I don’t like an all-white or an all-black look.

6PAC all

This is my 6-PAC: red cardigan, B&W dress, black pants, black knit top, white skirt, and white knit top. (The short pink cardigan is RTW.)

I think what I like about mix-and-match wardrobes is the idea of it. In reality, I am more of an outfit person – I prefer specific combinations that repeat over and over. I don’t mind having multiple versions of the same thing and repeating outfits. Also, I almost always wear a cardigan because I get cold easily.

The easiest way to marry the mini-wardrobe concept and my reality of outfit dressing would be to design a wardrobe with only dresses and cardigans. That is what I am contemplating for the fall. But I will also want some pants and tops for those days when pants work best.

As a result of this 6-PAC that doesn’t mix and match, I have given a lot of thought to just what is important to consider in planning a coordinated wardrobe. I have started writing it all out in a series of articles about wardrobe essentials to have a reference when it’s time to plan and sew the next mini-wardrobe. I hope you find them helpful as well.

Also, along with incorporating new bright colors into my wardrobe, I have been re-reading The Triumph of Individual Style. I am happy with the fabrics and details I chose in this 6-PAC but a recent discussion on Stitcher’s Guild made me wonder if I could do better. So I will work my way through the book chapter by chapter to see what new insights I can gain, and post about it all here. I’ll do my best not to bore you.

See you soon!

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6 responses to “6-PAC reflections

  1. I think you are almost there. You have a versatile dress, skirt and pants. How about lots of new tops to wear with them? None of them will have to match each other but they will all go with the pants and skirt (and some with the dress to give a 2 piece look) and you will have endless variety. They can all be “stars” too as the others are supporting items. And the wrap dress is just special on its own.

  2. Another thought 🙂 A simple black or white t shirt will then help your bottoms work with the red cardigan. Score – 2 more combinations. Or red t shirt? or if you are bold, blue…….

  3. Thank you for showing us the results of your endeavor, Alexandra. The whole wardrobe looks wonderful on you and I think it is almost unreasonable for us to think that every pieces of a Swap for example will go with everything else.I imagine that always works better in our minds than in reality.

  4. Blahoželám… Alexandra! =)

  5. Dear Alexandra
    I have just found your website and love your ideas. I too have come to the conclusion that ‘outfits’ are the way to go for me. I have pondered trying the 6-PAC, SWAP, and the capsule plans, but have never been able to execute them! I want to organize/cull my existing wardrobe into outfits and then fill it the gaps with new purchased or sewn garments. Your articles inspired me to get started, Thanks so much

  6. Thank you, ladies, for your thoughtful comments.

    Vicki, when you say simple, do you mean plain neckline? If so, I like your idea. I’m putting it on my list of projects for this fall/winter. Red would work, too.

    Sue, welcome! Good luck with organizing your wardrobe. It’s a journey; please come back and share your progress every once in a while. I am currently trying to plan a fall 6-PAC now that will be outfits only – we’ll see how that goes.

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