I am a Bright Winter

For years now, I’ve been living in True Winter colors. I “had my colors done” several times and was always told my season was True/Cool Winter. I had a couple of color fans to help with purchasing decisions and life was pretty easy.

After PCA
After PCA, with Bright Winter luxury drapes.

Except…. there was a part of me that didn’t quite find a home in those colors. The spunky child who loved lime green, who always claimed the “pretty” green crayon first, and didn’t consider a picture complete unless there was plenty of lime green in it, where was she in those colors? How could I, drawn to any bright yellow-green display like a moth to a flame, not have that color in my palette?

Recently, I had a chance to train with Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints. Part of that training involved being draped (also known as Personal Color Analysis or PCA). Expecting to come out a True Winter like so many times before, I wanted to *see* for myself why this was the case. I didn’t want to just be told. Deep inside, I was hoping for a season that included “my” green but figured that it was unlikely. So imagine my surprise and joy when it turned out that Bright Winter colors suit me best. And yes, they do include lime green.

I love the Bright Winter colors. Even so, it will take a little bit of time to adjust to them. They are similar to True Winter but with a few drops of sunshine yellow added. Think snowdrops instead of fresh snow. Color intensity goes to maximum so the colors are brighter, and coolness is dialed down a bit so colors are more neutral.

Personal color analysis is only the beginning of the color journey. It will take me some time to figure out what works best, which colors, which combinations, and in what proportions. Then there will be body and face shape, line, bone structure, silhouette, and other fun things to consider. I plan to use Polyvore to explore these concepts before cutting into fabric but there will still be misses and near-misses. It may be a year before I find my holy grail but the journey should be quite interesting. Will you join me?

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8 responses to “I am a Bright Winter

  1. Those lovely bright colours do look “you”. Enjoy!

  2. Oh Yes! This is much more “you”. Congrats on finally finally finally getting some good advice. Good advice can be sooo elusive these days.

  3. Sounds like fun!

  4. Wow! Those colors brighten up your face to perfection! I had my colors done about two years ago. I went from a summer (my own analysis) to a medium autumn. I’m still trying to incorporate my new colors into my wardrobe, some colors are scarier than others. But, it’s starting to click with me. Enjoy your colors!

  5. Donna Hensley

    You really glow from the inside with those colors! I’m glad you have your lime green, I love that color too!

  6. I’m glad you are back posting! I’ve followed your style choices for a while and love them. My only thoughts were that you need more COLOR! So there you are surrounded by them. Love them on you, and of course the lime green. I am a blonde “soft spring”, but wear lime green and always get complements! And these colors make you look happy! Great journey, this, in becoming even better!

  7. LondonMakeupGirl

    Bright Winter looks great on you! I’m envious of you for the opportunity to train with Christine, I’d love to do so myself.

    I’m also a (fairly recently PCAed) Bright Winter. Similarly, I thought I was a Dark Winter because I have brown eyes, but always found the colours too somber and heavy for me. When Nikki Bogardus sorted me into Bright Winter it was a completely joyful surprise.

    I’ll be following your blog with interest – as a fellow lime green lover too 🙂

  8. As a 12 blueprints PCA enthusiast, I love your article. I also appreciate what you said about lime green being your Color so it must be in your season.

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