How to integrate new colors after color analysis

Integrating your new colors after color analysis is exciting but can also be a little intimidating. There are so many colors! And as Janis said in her comment, “… some colors are scarier than others.”

So what should you do?

I think the best bet is to pick one color – the one that speaks to you the most. It may be your favorite color, or one you didn’t think you could wear, or one that everyone tells you would be great on you but you’d never thought to try it. It doesn’t matter, as long as the color you choose is from your palette. For me, it’s the lime green. (You knew that, didn’t you?)

Lime green pieces
Sweater – Ralph Lauren, peplum top – Chalayan, bracelet – Macy’s, necklace – Ross-Simons, earrings – Blue Nile, shawl – Pashmina Art. Bottom right: 3 yards of double knit bought on a recent trip to Cologne, and my new peridot earrings.

The idea here is to add the new color in small doses, not to paint your whole wardrobe with it. Let’s keep it on the upper half of the body, especially if (like me) you’re not used to wearing much “real color” on the bottom or if you want to get more mileage out of not-quite-right color but serviceable bottoms. I’ll start with a couple of garments – a sweater and a sleeveless top. Tank top, T-shirt, blouse, and cardigan are other possibilities.

And I’ll add some accessories. A pair of earrings, necklace, and bracelet. (OK, probably not a bracelet, I’ve never been much of a bracelet person. Maybe a matching watch strap instead.) And the always useful pashmina shawl. A scarf or a bandanna will work just as well to bring in the color but they won’t keep you warm on the plane or in an overly air-conditioned office.

Here’s how the new additions look with pieces from my existing (and planned) wardrobe.

Lime green integrated
How this Bright Winter incorporates lime green

I like it. Seeing it like this is highly motivating for me. I’m off to work on my 6-PAC so I can finish it and focus on doing some magic with the lime green knit.

How did you integrate your new colors into your wardrobe? Did you find new favorites? Or signature colors? Please share in the comments.

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  1. I’m so happy to see you back blogging! We have a similar style so it’s interesting to see your thought process regarding what you choose to sew and why.

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