A mistake and new patterns

Skirt - wrongYes, I did this.
And I am posting it here as a reminder that I should never sew late at night, the night before a long flight. As I pinned the lining to the skirt, I briefly thought something was off but didn’t heed my inner voice. Blithely, I sewed on the bias binding at the waistline, and proceeded to pin the lining around the zipper for hand finishing. Only  when I got to the bottom of the zipper and saw the overlocked seam allowance, I thought “uh-oh!” 

I am back from the trip and this is my project for tomorrow – unpick and fix.

On a more positive note, the trip involved driving from Chicago to Canada (what fun!) and a stop at Jo-Ann’s for some patterns.
I had meant to make another stop there on the way back to buy the few Vogue and McCall’s patterns on my list but it just didn’t happen. I really do miss easy access to pattern sales.

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4 responses to “A mistake and new patterns

  1. Carolyn (cmarie12)

    Been there, done that ~ so I understand! Glad you got a little pattern goodness to add to your pattern collection.

  2. You had all that enthusiasm to make this skirt and now you’ve got a small fix it project to resolve.I do the same before travelling too.

  3. Oh gee, just what you wanted to do, right? You’ll love it when it’s done tho

  4. If i did that, I would leave it. And just have a bit of a chuckle each time I put it on. It won’t make any difference to the wearability of it.

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