Wardrobe plan simplified

I had a good color plan going last year when I started planning this new wardrobe – black/charcoal, dark brown, blue-green, magenta/fuchsia, and bright white.
But I’m going to make some changes. Over the last eight months, I have not worn any brown or magenta/fuchsia clothes. I only had a few but they did not get any wear at all as I had consistently picked other clothes to wear. So those two colors will have to go. I did, however, wear red and purple (not together!) so they will be joining this group.

I did mention last time that the closet looked a bit sparse, didn’t I?


Right, not much there, even with the fabrics added. That’s OK though because I have a plan. I’m going to start small – with just six pieces. A black pant suit, three white tops, and a green pencil skirt. The jacket may end up being collarless or even a knit cardigan (or hopefully both) but for now, here is the idea:

Black white green wardrobe

I figure an hour or so of sewing time every day after work should yield a new garment every week or two. Then in a couple of months, I will be ready to add more colors.
Or maybe I’m just dreaming.


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5 responses to “Wardrobe plan simplified

  1. I sew for an hour a day and generally complete one new garment a week.

  2. Love your color plan and new garments. Did you find it difficult to originally cull your wardrobe? I’m pretty much facing the same thing in the near future.

  3. HI! I love your colors:) I have just begun my own wardrobe remake. I have 2 blouses, and 3 skirts made, but I would love some advice on the perfect fit. I think we have similar body types, ie., we are close to the same size. Are there patterns that work better for you than others? Thanks for any thoughts. Darby Logan

  4. Hey Alexandra! I missed you! So glad to see you posting again. Both here and on SG. I’m glad to see that you’re adding more bright colors to your wardrobe. When I saw all the darks you were working with before, I couldn’t help thinking “she’s SO pretty, I bet she’d look great in lighter, brighter colors.” :-)Glad you’re using them.

  5. Carolyn (cmarie12)

    I like your new wardrobe plan and how the green gives it a punch of color! And I’m sure that as you devote more time to sewing the garments will just come rolling out of your sewing machine.

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