Georgie cardigan – finished

I am back in Germany for a little while, just until we make the big move to North Dakota in January.

I’d been busy arranging all sorts of things prior to leaving Florida but that did not stop me from knitting. Even the knitting injury that made me take a break from hand-knitting couldn’t stop me from knitting on the machine. And so, here is my Georgie cardigan, adapted from Kim Hargreaves’ book Breeze.


The yarn is Brown Sheep Co.’s Nature Spun in sport weight; the color is Evergreen – a much more vibrant shade of emerald than these pictures would lead you to believe. I love how evenly this yarn works up on the machine.

Side views, belted and unbelted (I will be wearing this belted because I like the waist definition the belt adds and also because then no other closure will be needed):


I adjusted the fronts for a slightly smaller overlap because I wanted to knit the hood in one piece, which limited it to no more than 200 needles. (I used them all.) I’d left the neckline stitches live to hang back on the machine after blocking the pieces and grafting the shoulder seams. The decreases at the center back of the hood were a royal pain because I was working without a garter bar or my 9-prong transfer tool, which meant transferring close to 200 stitches toward the center three stitches at a time. Let’s just say that the hood took longer to knit than the rest of the sweater combined.


I started with 2″ deep hung hems and continued in stockinette all the way up. I had originally planned to make a 1×1 ribbed band at the center front, then changed my mind after blocking the first front piece. This necessitated re-knitting that piece and coming up with a different edge treatment. I decided on crab stitch but after multiple unsatisfactory attempts I changed it to a simple row of half-double crochet stitches all around the front edges.

This was a really straight-forward project. I will wear the cardigan for a while before making another one because I want to see how I like the overlap. I’m thinking smaller overlap next time but I want to make sure.

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13 responses to “Georgie cardigan – finished

  1. Carolyn (cmarie12)

    This is just awesome! I am in awe of your machine knitting talents!

  2. Congrats on getting that knitting machine going when you needed it. It is a pretty sweater jacket!

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous!! What kind of knitting machine do you use?

  4. Simply beautiful, as usual. Alex, you have a great talent and create beautiful garments.

  5. Just WOW! Beautiful work.

  6. Wow – love the colour, love the shape. I don’t knit, but will look for fabric to make a similar shape cardigan.

  7. That’s really stunning! You do truly beautiful work.

  8. Gorgeous. Love the color and pattern. You are so talented with that machine. Wow is all I can say.;-)

  9. Wow! That is beautiful. Looking at that sweater is making me eager to get my old knitting machine out of the attic where it has been languishing for far too long.

  10. I’ve been reading your last few posts and I am in awe of your knitting! Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.:)Deb M.

  11. Love this! Can you make me one?! 🙂

  12. wow, loved it!!

  13. Love this sweater. I envy you your knitting machine talents. Is there a pattern available to knit this sweater by hand?

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