Altered Jewel cardigan – finished

Another gray sweater…
This one took a month to finish because knitting the first sleeve in one day proved to be too much for my left hand, which resulted in a two-week break from hand-knitting. The cardigan was actually completely finished and ready to wear yesterday but the gray skies outside were not conducive to taking decent pictures.


I really liked my Jewel cardigan so I used the same pattern, with only a few changes.

  1. the original Jewel cardigan requires a camisole, this cardigan has a longer button band to cover the bits that need coverage – this required recalculating the neckline decreases as well as buttonhole spacing;
  2. I added a shawl collar – this was simple: instead of decreasing the total number of stitches at the neckline, for each decrease in stockinette I added one stitch to the front band that would become the collar;
  3. full-length sleeves instead of bracelet length;
  4. I wanted the back more fitted at the waist – I decreased the peplum by eight stitches where back darts would usually be and then recalculated the side increases to add the eight stitches back.

Side view:

The yarn is sport-weight Nature Spun by Brown Sheep. I just love this yarn – it’s so easy to knit, blocks beautifully, and it feels soft and warm on the skin. I have a few more cones of it in this color and a lighter gray so you’ll be seeing it again 🙂

Back view:

I am very happy with how this sweater turned out. I’m thinking about making it in multiple colors. One additional change I would make on future cardigans is move the buttonholes in by a stitch or two. I think it would be prettier to have more of the edge showing.

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7 responses to “Altered Jewel cardigan – finished

  1. That’s a beautiful sweater. I would love to be able to knit so professionally.

  2. Beautiful! I really like the textured border stitch 🙂

  3. This sweater is gorgeous. I’m trying to teach myself to knit, and you’ve just provided me with an amazing inspiration.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous! Like Sandy, I am also a fledgling knitter…this gives me something to aspire to.

  5. Masterful knitting – is this by hand or on the machine? I have this pattern book and just skipped past it, but seeing yours I may have to take another look! 😀

  6. What a gorgeous sweater, congratulations on a really wonderful job! If you are still in Germany, you might want to find a yarn shop that carries Lana Grossa yarns. My absolute favorite is Merino superfein which comes in a really large array of yummy colours, and it knits like a dream. In your hands, the sky is the limit with that yarn

  7. Fantastic work, I really love this sweater; It’s very elegant

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