Stay-Put Wrap – finished

It’s official! We’re moving to Cold Country aka Minot, ND! Yes, I did say North Dakota, and yes, contrary to popular opinion, they do have summers up there so hold off those condolences 🙂 because it was our first choice. That said, it gets much colder than any place I’ve ever been and we will be moving in January-February so please do keep your fingers crossed that I don’t turn into an alexsicle.

Anyway, we found out on August 2 and I immediately went to the local yarn shop and picked up this beautiful eggplant-colored heavenly soft merino to make something warm. I finished it today.

Front view:

SPW view 4

Side view:

SPW view 2
A few notes:

Gauge swatch shows I have more stitches per inch. Turns out the largest size has the right numbers to make the second smallest size so I cast on 68 stitches and go to town.
After 8 rows I rip… because I just realized the wrap direction is wrong for me. I never wear wraps/shawls/ruanas with the long end over my right shoulder. Always over the left.
And so I cast on again, this time making a mirror image (cable at the end of RS rows, not the beginning).

So far so good, easy knitting. The 12-row repeat is an easy daily commitment, doable even after a long hectic shift at work. Today I made another adjustment: not a fan of binding off only to cast on again and then having to pick up the stitches for sleeves, I just used a piece of waste yarn to hold those stitches live.

The “wrap” part of the wrap is done. I blocked it last night, then started on the first sleeve today. It’s slow going because there aren’t quite enough stitches to move easily around the circular needle, and I don’t have a smaller one. I may have to resort to Magic Loop.

The left sleeve is done. I’ll start the other one tomorrow.

The wrap is finished! Ends darned in, the whole thing is ready to be worn.

Closeup of the back view:

SPW back view closeup

All in all, this was an easy project and I love the result. There are people who don’t like to do this much seed stitch but it never bothered me a bit. Seed stitch allows me to settle into a nice rhythm and helps me relax.

You can also see this project on Ravelry.

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6 responses to “Stay-Put Wrap – finished

  1. Beautiful wrap. I love the deep navy colour.

  2. That wrap is gorgeous! Good luck in Minot – I went to college in Moorhead, MN, twin city of Fargo, ND. I know of what you speak!

  3. Very pretty! I’m glad you’re excited about where you are going. I just moved to FL! Goodbye, Germany

  4. Your wrap is absolutely wonderful! Your knitting is beautiful.I wish you all the best for this new life in ND.

  5. Beautiful! Wow–ND!! I’ve seen the wind chills on 😉 .

  6. do you have the patron.?

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